Friday, April 30, 2010

Do nail technician make good money I was thinking of getting trained up to become a mobile tech? thanks?

you can get about 拢30 for everyone you do.Do nail technician make good money I was thinking of getting trained up to become a mobile tech? thanks?
Nah, I've had two friends who went for school to do that, they don't make enough. In fact, one of them doesn't do it anymore and the other just does hair now. You have to be very lucky to land a spot in a good salon that has a good reputation. It's not something people make a good living on. I mean, you never hear about it as a good paying gig right? Don't forget you gotta pay booth rent, and buy equipment.....Do nail technician make good money I was thinking of getting trained up to become a mobile tech? thanks?
hi i am a qualified therapist and i do not think you do make much money out of it. It would be ok as a part time job to earn money along side another job but the costs of materials for false nails are high. If you was thinkin of doing a nail tech course i would highly recommend Alan Roy nail school if there is one near you as you can be trained in a week an intensive course and it is alot cheaper than going to college. I paid to do it at college and it cost a fortune and took months i then done the same course at alan roy to refresh myself and it was the same

hope this helps
Nail techs only make good money if they can work in a high-end salon with a large client猫le. After graduating any sort of cosmetology type school, you're basically making like $6.00/hr until your 5th year in the industry.

And, it's against the law to be a mobile tech. How do I know? I posted an ad on Craigslist for a mobile nail tech and got bombarded with emails saying that I was breaking the law requesting for a mobile nail tech, and the nail tech them self would be as well. But, if you want to try it out, do it! I wanted to do it, but I was told that being a nail tech usually means that you hardly ever get your own nails done, that did it for me. No more nail tech dreams. :-D


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  2. Nail Techs make more money than you think if you are not talented than you will not make money. it is not illegal to be mobile nail tech that is not true . Nail techs make money in the ghetto in the upscale salons anywhere they have clients . Nail Techs are professionals and artists . The educate themselves all through the year to keep current. You can make bog money and take care of yourself BIG TIME doing nails . In some instances the nail tech will make more than the hairdresser as the cost to get your nails done is cheaper than a hair do . If you have a license the supplies are discounted and if you run your business properly you will not have to make sacrifices to buy materials . Only someone who is not educated i the industry would say that you cannot make money or that it is a part time job make a very good living doing nails and other nail techs have started their own product lines ... Serena Williams has just graduated school to be a nail tech so if she thinks its cool and she has already made millions in sports who are these other people to say it is part time . Nails and Skin Care is a billion dollar industry . If you want to do this them do it. If you are a nail tech with your nails not done than why do it lol . My nails are not only done they are fabulous they are an advertisement of my skills you and do not listen to these people .